Solvang Sustainable Landscaping
Solvang Sustainable Landscaping

Solvang Sustainable Landscaping

Water Wise Gardening

Santa Ynez Valley Botanic Garden

Green Gardener Program

The Green Gardener Program for Santa Barbara County educates local gardeners in resource efficient and pollution prevention landscape maintenance practices. The Green Gardener Program is a regional program designed to offer education, training, and promotion of participating gardeners and landscape maintenance contractors.

Here's an updated list  (updated June 2015) of the Certified Green Gardeners in Santa Barbara County.

Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County:

We provide resources and assistance to businesses wanting to be green, certify businesses through workshops and trainings, provide on-site visits and evaluation, and highlight Certified Businesses so that local consumers can shop green. Through this program, you will learn about sustainable landscaping techniques. To learn more, click here!

Santa Ynez Valley Biotanic Garden

Chumash Community Energy Program

Santa Barbara County Green Business Program