Tip Of The Month - June 2019

By Solvang Green on Jun 03, 2019 at 06:47 PM in Featured News

Buellton Solvang Stormwater

Storm Water
Tip of the Month

Did you know 1 gram of dog waste contains millions of bacteria and can lead to beach closures? You can help to keep your community and pets healthy by picking up pet waste in your backyard before each storm, and by picking up after your pet when you’re out and about. Visit your City’s Stormwater Management webpage (City of Buellton or City of Solvang) or Close the Poop Loop to find out the Truth About Dog Poop.

Water Conservation
Tip of the Month

Do you know how to water your trees?  Learn how to install an In-line Drip System or how to create a Drip Bucket to deep soak your tree. Check out this helpful video How to Water your Trees for additional information.  For more landscaping tips and videos go to WaterWiseSB.org.

For additional information on Stormwater Management Program in your city, please contact the following:

City of Buellton:  www.CityofBuellton.com Public Works Department at (805)688 -5177 or [email protected]

City of Solvang:  www.CityofSolvang.com Public Works Department at (805)688-5575 or [email protected]