Tip Of The Month - September 2017

By Solvang Green on Oct 02, 2017 at 10:43 PM in Featured News

Storm Water
Tip of the Month

Continue to pick-up after your pet and toss it in the trash! Do not water down areas with animal waste. Remove soiled bedding and manure at least 3 times per week from stalls, paddocks and/or barns. If composting manure, locate the compost area on high ground away from areas that drain rain water. To avoid uncontrolled nutrient runoff, do not apply un-composted manure onto the ground before or during a rainstorm.

Water Conservation
Tip of the Month

Consider installing a Cistern or Rain Barrel to divert and collect water from your roof, through gutters and downspouts for outdoor irrigation reuse. Check with your City’s Planning and Building Department to determine if permits are required for large collection systems.

For additional information on Stormwater Management Programs in your city, please contact the following:

City of Buellton: www.CityofBuellton.com Public Works Department at (805)688 -5177 or [email protected]

City of Solvang: www.CityofSolvang.com Public Works Department at (805)688-5575 or [email protected]