Tip Of The Month - August 2017

By Solvang Green on Sep 08, 2017 at 09:24 PM in Featured News

Solvang Chamber Water Conservancy Tips

Storm Water

Tip of the Month

Get ready for rainy season before October, trimming back vegetation and pick-up debris and litter in and along drainage areas. Did you know that the drainage swale on your property, man made or natural, is your responsibility to maintain? Clean it up. Your effort will help prevent flooding and property damage.

Don’t forget you can divert runoff from pavement to grassy, planted or wooded areas of your property, so stormwater can seep slowly into the ground.

Water Conservation

Tip of the Month

Consider preparing your Jacuzzi for the winter by taking steps to close it down which may include but not limited to: (1) Power Down, (2) Empty the Spa, (3) Clean Filters, (4) Loosen Fittings, (5) Blow Jets, (6) Clean the Shell and (7) Cover your Tub. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions; and to dispose of spa wastewater within the City sewer system.

For additional information on Stormwater Management Programs in your city, please contact the following:

City of Buellton: www.CityofBuellton.com Public Works Department at (805)688 -5177 or [email protected]

City of Solvang: www.CityofSolvang.com Public Works Department at (805)688-5575 or [email protected]