Tip Of The Month - June 2017

By Solvang Green on Jun 02, 2017 at 06:45 PM in Featured News

Solvang Chamber Water Conservancy Tips

Storm Water

Clean grease traps at least once a week. Some traps require more frequent cleaning; therefore, adjust as necessary. Do not pour grease into trash bins, street gutters, storm drains or sewers. Grease can clog sewer and storm drain lines causing blockage and spills. It is illegal to put anything but rain down the storm drain.

Collect bulk grease in containers/barrels for proper disposal. Make sure to keep grease containers/barrels in a secure area with lids closed, and make sure to keep areas tidy (free of spills). This prevents rain water from washing food waste into the storm drain and keeps birds and pests from scattering trash.

Water Conservation

Refresh your understanding of your City's Drought Conditions which may include but not limited to:

  1. irrigating during the designated hours
  2. not creating excess runoff
  3. broom sweep around buildings and hardscapes such as sidewalks and driveways (no washing)
  4. use cash washes (no vehicle washing)
  5. immediately fixing known leaks
  6. serve water to customers upon request

For additional information on Stormwater Management Programs in your city, please contact the following:

City of Buellton: www.CityofBuellton.com Public Works Department at (805)688 -5177 or [email protected]

City of Solvang: www.CityofSolvang.com Public Works Department at (805)688-5575 or [email protected]